Bell Rock Ceilidh Band features some of Scotland's newest talent, who between them have extensive experience performing in both ceilidh and concert settings. The band are available for a wide variety of functions, including ceilidhs, weddings and corporate events. 

United by a deep affinity for service station lunches and Scotland's B roads, the band was formed as an outlet for everyone's fondness of Strip the Willows which spill out into corridors. Having been immersed in Highland culture from a young age, the band quickly learned to call dances by watching their mentors, and that a good ceilidh relies as much on friendly, professional delivery as it does on engaging music. As such, a Bell Rock ceilidh is guaranteed to leave audiences entertained long after the event is over.

Bell Rock Ceilidh Band offer an extensive range of services, which are outlined below. All members regularly perform with their own touring bands Tannara, Eabhal, Inyal and Josie & Pablo




Bell Rock Ceilidh Band were fantastic at my daughter’s wedding.  I would highly recommend this very talented, accommodating and friendly band - fabulous.
— Alison


Our Services



With years of experience and an energetic rhythm section behind them, Bell Rock can provide lively, toe-tapping tunes to suit any occasion.

As well as offering popular dances such as the Gay Gordons and Orcadian Strip the Willow, the band can include lesser known dances at the clients request, and are more than happy to guide dancers through all the steps.


Many people want to have different styles of music and dancing represented at their event, and Bell Rock can also provide a DJ service as part of the night. 

A DJ set can often provide a rousing change of pace, and could include anything from 70's classics to cutting-edge electronic music. 


Popular songs are likely to incite an entire room of dancers to stop in their tracks and sing along. The band can recruit their singer, Josie Duncan (Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winner) to lead them in performing Gaelic songs, classic hits and modern favourites. If the client has particular songs they would like to hear, they are welcome to request them. 




A bagpiper dressed in full highland regalia is a popular addition to many events, and can enhance key moments such as the arrival of guests, or the bride and groom taking their seats.

This is a very flexible service, and our piper will go to great lengths to adapt it to your unique event.


Piping isn't suitable for every step of an event, and harp music can be a more subtle choice for certain occasions. This service is perfect for the bride and groom walking down the aisle, or as background music for any occasion. 


A boutique tune is a stunning memento of any event. All members of the band are accomplished tune writers, and are happy to craft a unique piece of music for the client. 

As well as performing the tune, the band will present the client with a framed copy of the sheet music on the day. This will provide a keepsake that will complement event photographs well, and gain people's interest for years. 

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They were outstanding, the dance floor was never empty, kept us right the whole night. All the band members were incredibly friendly, we could not have asked for more. Thank you for everything guys!
— Michael & Elissa

The Band

Hamish Hep

Hamish hepburn - pipes

Hailing from highland paradise Carrbridge, Hamish is well on his way to replacing the 300 year old Packhorse Bridge as the town's most famous export. Influenced as much by the majesty of the Cairngorms as he is by local piping legends, a more virtuous exponent of Scotland's traditions is hard to come by. 


jamie macdonald - Fiddle

Born on Tiree and raised on ceilidh house wisdom, Jamie MacDonald is truly a one man dance band. Armed with a better sense of time than Jimmy Shand and patter that would shame Kevin Bridges, no single man is more capable of lighting up a dancefloor.

Hamish Mac

Hamish Macleod - Guitar

With a jaw chiseled by driving Hebridean winds and a startling ability to draw a highly detailed map of the A82 from memory, Hamish has long maintained that none can run a raffle more efficiently than he. With a performance style that lands somewhere between Alice Cooper and Oliver Hardy, where he goes, mirth will always follow. 


Owen Sinclair - Drums


Powered by the Orcadian blood and Old Pulteney that flow through his veins, Owen creates a tidal wave of rhythm that leaves all in it's wake enslaved by dance. Possessing a music degree as well as a standard grade in wine tasting , few men can match his musical ability, and fewer still his knowledge of Riesling.


Josie duncan - Song/Harp

A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and a recipient of Radio 2's Young Folk Award, Josie is gathering accolades at a rate that brings to mind Titanic's 1997 Oscar sweep. With a repertoire that is two parts Gaelic and one part Fleetwood Mac songs, Josie is capable of enchanting even the most unforgiving audience. 






If you would like to hire Bell Rock Ceilidh Band for your event, leave feedback about an engagement or just speak to us, we would love to hear from you. We will be back in touch as soon as possible, and are happy to discuss the best packages for your unique event.